From a reader – “Thanks for writing Mobile User Experience. Love your book”

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Thank you to entrepreneur Marco Pavan for this wonderful note he sent me about the book!

My name is Marco and i am software engineer. have worked on a huge variety of technologies, both on desktop and on several mobile platforms, particularly iOS over the last few years. I started reading your book today, and after thinking through it, I felt like I needed to send you this note. At first, I gave it a quick read out and I have to tell you that my first impression was not great at all – it sounds in contrast with the mail subject but please keep going :) . Then I stepped away from the book, went out for a walk, and put some thoughts into what i was reading and realized how silly I was. When reading it for the first time I kept thinking “yes, of course, everybody would do that, it’s not rocket science, you are not telling me anything that exceptional or that I don’t already know”. I am not a UX expert at all, my foundation is coding software, implementing data models, tech infrastructures and integrations. I am the kind of guy that you should never let pick a color scheme for a ppt. But being also part of a start-up universe, I have to face the challenge of a 1 man team having to prototype a mobile application. The greatness of your book lies on the simplicity you achieved in presenting the content, putting all those bits and pieces together to make the overall picture fluid and easy to read from the beginning till the end. These concepts, for how simple they might look, are a foundation that often is not properly taken care, leading to huge implementation disasters…

Thank you for writing this book, it will keep me good company for awhile, at least until the next revolution :)

The key of my book is based on keeping the concepts and presentation of mobile user experience simple. Mobile projects are deceptively complex. They sound simple, but in reality are complicated and require allot of attention to detail throughout the design and development process. The goal of my book is to make the ux design foundation easy and memorable, so that everyone in the process uses the patterns and ux concepts on every project.

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