Found in Canada!

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Found in Canada!

I just got a wonderful note that my book is being used in a senior level undergraduate computer science course on mobile app development at Macewan University in Canada! That is great news and I am so glad to hear that it is being adopted as a text book. This type of news always makes ...

And the numbers are in!

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I just got the first data back on sales for last year. Some cool stats We sold over 600 books in about a month!!! About 75% of books sold where paperbacks (who would have thought?) The book sold in over 6 different countries, even though it was in english Thank you everyone for all of ...

Ebay anyone?

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I just found my book on ebay. Who would have thought? Only new copies

Slides for MobileUX 2.0: Designing for Performance

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If you saw my recent talk this week at BostonCHI you got to see my newest Mobile UX presentation. If not, here are the slides for that talk! Enjoy. MobileUX 2.0: Designing for Performance from Marlin Mobile

Getting ready for @bos_chi BostonCHI tonight!

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Getting ready for tonights BostonCHI talk!!

Thank you to @Morgan_Kaufmann we have 5 copies of the book to give away tonight! @bos_chi

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Thank you to Morgan Kaufmann we have 5 copies to give out at tonights BostonCHI event!  

12 Tickets left!!

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  There are only 12 tickets left to Boston CHI’s February Meeting!  will be speeking on Mobile UX 2.0: Designing for performance Sign up here! See you there! Plus I will be giving away some copies of my book!  

From a reader – “Thanks for writing Mobile User Experience. Love your book”

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Thank you to entrepreneur Marco Pavan for this wonderful note he sent me about the book! My name is Marco and i am software engineer. have worked on a huge variety of technologies, both on desktop and on several mobile platforms, particularly iOS over the last few years. I started reading your book today, and ...

BostonCHI hosts Adrian Mendoza: Mobile UX 2.0: Designing for performance

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Sign up for Boston CHI’s Feb 11th event! I will be presenting on designing mobile user experiences for performance. I will also be giving away some signed copies of the book! Here is the description of the talk. I look forward to seeing you all there! BostonCHI hosts: Adrian Mendoza - Mobile UX 2.0: Designing for ...

Top 5 highlights for Mobile user experience the book in 2013

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1. The book arrived on kindle first! Perfect medium for a mobile ux book 2. The paperback book sold out of its first run on amazon in the first few days of getting released. 3. The book showed up on Powell’s books in Portland Oregon. This is an awesome bookstore if you haven’t been there ...