Slides for MobileUX 2.0: Designing for Performance

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If you saw my recent talk this week at BostonCHI you got to see my newest Mobile UX presentation. If not, here are the slides for that talk! Enjoy. MobileUX 2.0: Designing for Performance from Marlin Mobile

Top 5 highlights for Mobile user experience the book in 2013

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1. The book arrived on kindle first! Perfect medium for a mobile ux book 2. The paperback book sold out of its first run on amazon in the first few days of getting released. 3. The book showed up on Powell’s books in Portland Oregon. This is an awesome bookstore if you haven’t been there ...

User Experience: It’s What’s for Breakfast #ux

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Thank you to Suffolk University for the opportunity to present to their interior and graphic design students during the environmental graphic design studio last night. I was excited to do so and also update one of my slides decks from 2009! This new deck was based on my “What is UX design” deck that has ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy thanksgiving from everyone on the Mobile UX book team!

All links from the book are live!

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If you purchased the book you will have seen links inside the book. These links are now live and some downloads are available. Enjoy!

Don’t forget your review

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If you purchased the book from amazon,, or any seller don’t forget to post a review of the book. Thanks everyone!

Great week for my Mobile UX Book!

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Its been an exciting week for the book. Here is a list of all the great news just from this week. My prsonal review copies arrived First customer review on Amazon Paperback In-stock on Amazon Paperback Sold out and then re-socked on Amazon Paperback In-stock on Barnes and Noble Paperback In-stock on Powell books Best of all my friends ...

We have a release date!!

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Officially we have a release date of November 2013! Stay tuned. If you are in the UK here is a preorder link. Here

Final Manuscript done

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The final manuscript was completed yesterday! More information coming soon so stay tuned.